DIVINE FAVOUR! Real Estate Developer Gives Olajumoke The Bread-Seller’ & Family Luxury Apartment In Lagos (See photos)


Olajumoke’s fortunes just got better as Sujimoto Construction Limited, Nigeria’s foremost Luxury Real Estate Developer offered her a luxury accommodation and Scholarship to a Finishing School, Poise Academy Nigeria – where she will be properly equipped with the tools to survive as professional model anywhere in the world.Olajumoke was not lucky, rather she was prepared and when the opportunity came, she seized it. Her story resonates with us at Sujimoto because it is a reminder of the numerous opportunities lurking around us and only those who dare to seize the moment and take a step will ultimately findtrue success.



According to CEO Sujimoto Construction, Sijibomi Ogundele,
“Olajumoke’s grass to grace story is my story. It is the story of my mother who also came to Lagos from Ijebu in search of a better life. Young people should learn from Olajumoke’s experience that hard work is the bedrock of all success and success only happens when preparation meets opportunity. There are no sustainable shortcuts. Without hard work, luck won’t last.”Lagos is a land of opportunity with a population of over 21 million people. About 72% of these people are non-indigenes who have left their native land to Lagos, in search of greener pastures because of the opportunities in Lagos. 60% of the Nigerian populations are between the ages of 25– 40 years old, with about 60% of them unemployed, while another 80% are unable to afford a day meal. The question is how many more Olajumokes are out there, who will leave their comfort zone and find opportunities without trying to blame the economy for their fate? Hard work and tenacity will always win “it” for you. Opportunities are all around us every day but very few like Jumoke seize them.


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