It’s an iconic image from the War on Terror – but this heroic Marine now has flashbacks, violent outbursts and even tried to kill himself… so why won’t the VA give him the help he needs?


When Staff Sergeant William ‘Bill’ Bee heard a single shot from what he feared was a Taliban sniper, he quickly grabbed his rifle and prepared to fire back. The Marine – whose wife Bobbie was seven months pregnant with their son Ethan (pictured right with Bee) – risked his life by running to a nearby wall without wearing his helmet or Kevlar vest and aimed at a window 150 meters away. Seconds later his world was plunged into darkness. The bullet missed his head by inches and caused the sandbank in front of him to explode. While the father-to-be was frantically carried away on a stretcher through the streets of Garmsir, a photographer embedded with their unit told him he had accidentally captured the horrifying close call – creating one of the most iconic images of the War on Terror. Seven years, on in his first interview since the picture was taken, the heroic Staff Sergeant Bee – whose face was seen on TVs and in newspapers around the world – has told Daily Mail Online in an emotional account how he now has constant flashbacks, violentoutbursts has tried to kill himself since he left the Marines. He also says he’s struggled to get the psychiatric help he truly needs from the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) – the government agency he accuses of having too many bureaucrats making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year of taxpayer money


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