Why drinking hot lemon in the morning DOES improve your health: A slice of the fruit in hot water can aid weight loss, help combat colds and keep you looking young

Drinking hot lemon is good for you and dailymail through health website DYLN gives us all its benefits.They include


Immune system supercharge.
If you’re going to be catching a flight or spending time with lots of children, you can avoid the flu or the common cold by loading up on Vitamin C beforehand.
Youthful skin.
Lemons also contain antioxidants which help fight against skin damage from free radicals, sunlight, pollutants and toxins in your body. Vitamin C also helps your fight against the ageing process, boosting collagen synthesis in the skin.


Weight loss.
Lemon water inhibits the synthesis of certain fats in the body, and can reduce your blood and liver cholesterol levels, while giving your metabolism a boost.
Alkalise your body.
Lemons have an overall alkalising effect on the body. Your kidneys carefully regulate your blood to stay around pH7.4, but you can lighten their load with lemon water.


Super digestion.
Lemon water will cleanse the bowels and the digestive tracts, flushing out lingering toxins on its way through.
Liver and kidney detox.
Lemons cleanse and boost the liver, providing energy to liver enzymes when they are too diluted and thus helping to filter toxins out of the blood.


Energy boost
Have you been feeling more tired than usual, even after a good sleep? Vitamin C is essential for helping ward off anaemia, because it helps your body absorb iron.
Cancer busting
Lemons are bursting with antioxidants in the form of flavonoids and Vitamin C, both of which help to rid your body of unwanted free radicals and decrease your risks of developing cancer.
Healthy body
Lemon water is also rich in potassium, an essential mineral that helps brain and never functioning and keeps blood pressure under control.Fresh breathA gently anti-microbial property of lemon water is perfect for freshening your breath and staving off gum disease.


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