Donald Trump’s direct threat to the Republicans who shunned him over Muslim ban: If you’re not nice to me I will run as independent


Donald Trump floated the idea of a third-party bid this morning  – but insisted he doesn’t ‘want to do that.”I’m leading every single poll…so obviously, I’m very happy where I am,’ he told Michael Strahan today as heresponded to a question from the Live with Michael and Kelly host about running as an independent.The people of the Republican Party have been ‘phenomenal,’ Trump said. ‘The party, I’ll let you know about that. And if I don’t get treated fairly, I would certainly consider that.’Trump touted aUSA Todaypoll that found 68 percent of his supporters would stick with him if he parted ways with the party, before he again said, ‘I don’t want to do that.’All of the GOP’s candidates for president signed a loyalty pledge, promising to endorse the party’s eventual nominee.Trump announced his signing at a showy press conference in September in the lobby of his New York City headquarters after meeting with the party head Reince Preibus.After Trump introduced his Muslim-banning proposal on Monday and the party began to turn on him, the billionaire fired several warning shots.


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