‘The shooter targeted my husband because he was a Jew’: San Bernardino victim’s wife says her partner had ‘argued with Syed Farook on Facebook’ days before the attack


The wife of one of the San Bernardino victims believes shooter Syed Farook targeted her husband because he was a Jew.Jennifer Thalasinos said her husband Nicholas had discussed religion and Israel with his co-worker Farook,as well as whether Islam is a peaceful religion.It has previously been reported that Mr Thalasinos, a Messianic Jew who wore tzitzits and the Star of David, harbored strong views against radical Islam and was a staunch supporter of the right to bear arms.
Because of my husband being a Messianic Jew and because of the discussions, I think the shooter was intending on getting my husband,’ Mrs Thalasinos toldFox News.’I also think some of the other people that were killed were also intended targets because of their religious views and because of discussions they had with the shooter as well.’There had been previous reports that Mr Thalasinos, a 52-year-old environmental health specialist from New Jersey, had got into an argument with Farook just two weeks before the attack.Mrs Thalasinos said her husband and Farook had a heated discussion ‘a couple of weeks prior’ to the attack.She confirmed the pair had argued about radical Islam and Israel.Mrs Thalasinos added: ‘There was somebody that was arguing with my husband on Facebook and now I’mnot sure if it was somebody that was in contact with the shooter, or whether it could have been him under an assumed name.’There had been some arguments going back and forth.’


However, she did reveal her husband had received a death threat the day before the shooting.Mrs Thalasinos said she believes the Facebook user may have been Farook or an associate.’He got a death threat the day before this happened,’ she said. ‘That’s why I think that either the person that wrote this either knew the shooter and knew what he was going to do or he was the shooter himself.’Mr and Mrs Thalasinos, from Colton, California, had been married for nine years. The two met online and Mr Thalasinos moved out to California from New Jersey to live with her.In response to recent criticism of her husband’s beliefs, which has described him as a ‘anti-government, anti-Islam, pro-NRA, rabidly anti-planned parenthood kinda guy’, Mrs Thalasinos explained: ‘My husband was one of the gentlest people you would have ever met.


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