‘Seeing your dad cry is one of the saddest things ever’: Men reveal the different things that can make them tear up, from their loved ones’ tears – to ‘getting kicked in the balls’


Society tells tells little boys to buck up and expects men not to cry, but even those who’ve been conditioned to keep their emotions inside tend to have a trigger or two that can set them off.A question posed in aRedditthread yesterday asked male users to open up and admit to the things that make them cry, and hundreds chimed in on the discussion.Many said that it was seeing others well up with sadness that could set them off, while others pointed to loss, happiness, and emotionally-charged movie scenes as the culprits for their occasional waterworks.
The most popular response was from a particularly romantic married man, who said he can’t control his own blubbering when he sees his wife’s tears.'[I cry] whenever my wife cries,’ he said. ‘It always has an effect on me, and I don’t want her to have to cry alone. It’s really sad for me.’He means it, too. Recently, his wife expressed disappointment after he ate the last donut, telling him that she’d really wanted it. She was joking, but he was convinced that she was serious – and he started crying at the thought of hurting her.’I legitimately felt bad,’ he added.Many other men agrees that their wives’ tears did them in as well, with one saying: ‘When we have arguments, it always ends when she cries. I start crying and then we just hold each other and its all good.’


Quite a few men also shared that it was in fact another man’s tears – their dads’ – that have the power to make them weep, especially because they’re so rare.’Seeing your dad cry is one of the saddest things ever,’ wrote one man.’I’ve seen my dad cry three times. Once when his mother died, once when his father died, and once when I got a small possession of marijuana ticket,’ added another. ‘I hadn’t done too well in school that semester either, which was rare. He broke down out of disappointment and desperation and it f***ing killed me. It hurt seeing him cry the other two times, but knowing I caused it really f***ing tore me up.’A father commenting in the thread explained that those emotions go both ways. He saidthat while he used to be a pretty dry-eyed guy, his baby daughter can now easily make him bawl.’Having my daughter has wrecked my whole s*** emotionally,’ he said. ‘I just look at her and think about all the terrible garbage out there that she will have to go through, and I cry.
‘When I come home, she yells “DADA!” And runs over to me and SMACKS into my chest with a big bear hug.I cry. At night when she is tired, she walks over to me, throws her arms up and says “up pleeez, up pleeez”, then she points to the couch, and we cuddle while we listen to music. And I cry. I’m telling you, having a daughter has made me the biggest baby ever [sic],’ he said.Several more added their own emotional parenting moments, with one explaining that his child hasn’t even been born yet, but the though of her already lowers his defenses.'[I cry] when I think about my unborn daughter and how I can be the father to her that I never had,’ he said.Many men added that losing pets – or even reading about other people losing pets – going through tough breakups, and experiencing deaths in the family can make them shed tears.’When my grandma passed away, I was crying for days on end,’ one man recalled. ‘I was closer to her than Iwas with my mom, and she basically raised me and made me the man I am today. Every time I think of her, I hold back tears. F** the connotation of being a man.’A few cited videos of soldiers coming home from war, surprising their young children and walking into the arms of their loved ones.Several posts reference sad TV show and movie moments, like when Forest Gump asks Jenny if their son is smart and when Will asks why his dad doesn’t want him on Fresh Prince of Bel Air.They mention the opening scenes of Pixar’s Up, the final minutes of Schindler’s List, Toy Story 3, the end ofBand of Brothers, and the scene in Good Will Hunting when Robin Williams’ character tells Matt Damon’s character that his father beating him was not his fault.Then, of course, there were a few macho guys who wouldn’t cop to getting weepy from any emotional moments. Instead, they said their eyes might only get a little watery if they were cutting onions, or else got ‘kicked in the b**ls’.


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