Experts reveal the simple tricks that mean you can enjoy your favourite Christmas foods WITHOUT putting on weight


Party season can be the bane of dieters, with many unable to resist the temptation of the delicious but often fattening seasonal favourites.Canapes, cocktails and cake can make Christmas parties seem a major dieting dilemma but help is at hand.Jane Michell of dieting website Jane Plan has devised a list of expert tips to ensure dieters will still be able to partake of seasonal festivities without losing sight of their weight loss goals.
Her tips include drinking lots of water, making clever canape substitutions and keeping an eye on portions.She told FEMAIL: ‘For every one sip of wine have three sips of water.  If there’s someone constantly toppingup your wine glass, don’t worry. Keep a water glass to hand and sip regularly through the evening. You’ll automatically drink less wine if you’re hydrated.’


Jane also advises keeping your distance from the buffet table for as long as possible.She says: ‘Stand as far away from the buffet as you can and, if a waiter does tempt you with canapes, avoid anything deep-fried or pastry based and limit yourself to three a night.’Another rather unconventional method to aid party season weight loss lies in your wardobe.Jane explains:’ Squeeze into something sexy; tight-fitting clothes around our stomachs will subconsciouslyhelp you hold back on tempting treats.’So a tailored suit and slim-cut shirt for the gentlemen and a clingy Christmas dress for the ladies, will not only show off your figures but help you eat less.’Jane also advises moving dishes along the table to stop unnecessary eating.’To overcome the temptation to continue picking at potatoes and parsnips, once you’ve helped yourself, pass the bowl down the table and clear leftovers away before you’re tempted to snack while you chat,’ she says.Finally, she advocates replacing unhealthy snacks with homemade canapes as a simple way to keep an eye on calorie intake.


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