CCB Should Probe Dino Melaye, According To Opinion Poll

According to an online social media poll from SaharaReporters Senator Dino Melaye, of Kogi State, should be investigated by the Code of Conduct Bureau (CCB) for violating rules and policies directing the behavior of public officials.
According to the Twitter poll approximately 94% of the 1,488 participants were of the opinion that Mr. Melaye should be investigated by the CCB, only 6% felt that he should not. These poll results come just hours after massive protests were organized outside the National Assembly pushing back against a media censorship bill in the Senate, a bill strongly supported by Mr. Melaye.
The majority of those polled believe Dino Melaye should be probed for misconduct
Mr. Melaye has been the subject of a series of scandals exposed by SaharaReporters related to his unexplained, unlawful, or suspicious assets. During an interview with SaharaTV earlier this year, an irate Mr. Melaye denied that he posted photos on his Twitter account of his mansions and luxury cars. In July, SaharaReporters reported with exclusive photographs that Mr. Melaye was renovating his mansion in Abuja, which he purchased for an estimated 1.3 billion naira (6.5 million dollars). Mr. Melaye’s response to a SaharaReporters correspondent was that he should not be questioned because he is “a distinguished member of the Federal government.”
Last month, SaharaReporters released photographs of his new 2015 Rolls Royce Wraith, complete with vanity plates saying DINO, which conservatively cost N89,563,500 ($450,000). This is an unexplained asset considering the salary of a lawmaker and activist in Nigeria.
This weekend SaharaReporters released details and images of an unlawful bank account in the United States under the operation of Mr. Melaye. This bank account, under the name “Daniel Din Melaye” has shown a number of transactions and activity long after Mr. Melaye was elected Senator representing Kogi State. The operation of a foreign bank account violates CCB rules of conduct for public officials.
A SaharaReporters investigation into Mr. Melaye’s banking transactions found that he had a tattoo removed from a dermatology group in New York City during his official trip to the United Nations in September. The tattoo he had removed from his upper arm was the name of his ex-wife, Alero.



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