Trump as bad as Voldemort? That’s an insult to Voldemort: J.K. Rowling claims presidential hopeful’s call to ban Muslims from US makes him worse than the Dark Lord

J.K. Rowling has waded into the controversy surroundingDonald Trump- saying the presidential hopeful is worse than Voldemort.The Scottish author took toTwitterto vent her fury at billionaire Trump, who yesterday proposed a ban on Muslims coming to America.It sent Twitter into meltdown – with many comparing Trump to Harry Potter’s arch-nemesis – a comparison Rowling took offence to. A petition has even started to have Trump banned from the UK.


How horrible,’ she wrote on Twitter. ‘Voldemort was nowhere near as bad.’The tweet has been ‘favourited’ more than 38,000 times – and has garnered more than a few responses.’How could they be confused?’ tweeted David Griffith (‏@theplaguedoc).’One is a malevolent monster with legions of fanatics & none of his own hair. The other is a wizard.’Will Hackney (@WRHackney) added:’President Voldemort is sounding a lot better than President Trump at this point.”At least  Voldemort was an equal opportunity psychopath,’ wrote @Cafferkey_Sean.While Rena (@Crimson_Silk) noted: ‘It’s a bit of an insult to Voldemort, tbh.’It wasn’t long until the memes began either – with a picture of the Dark Lord wearing a wig, and a campaign poster for endorsing He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.


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