Britain starts bombing Syria: Tornado jets take off from Cyprus RAF base to target ISIS strongholds after MPs back airstrikes


David Cameron tonight boasted Britain is ‘safer’ after MPs agreed overwhelmingly to launch airstrikes against ISIS in the terror group’s Syria stronghold.Two Tornados deployed from RAF Akrotiri, Cyprus, to bomb ISIS in Syria after a crunch vote saw military action authorised by by 397 votes to 223 – a majority of 174. A further two Tornados have since taken off from the base.Six Typhoon attack aircraft and two extra Tornado GR4 fighter jets are on their way to the region after a crunch vote saw military action authorised by by 397 votes to 223 – a majority of 174.Some 66 of Labour MPs defied their pacifist leader Jeremy Corbyn to back the Tory government, after Mr Cameron warned Britain had to strike at the heart of ISIS or ‘wait for them to attack us’.Just half an hour before the crunch vote, Mr Corbyn sat stony-faced as his shadow foreign secretary Hilary Benn was cheered in the Commons for a stirring speech in which he declared: ‘We must now confront this evil.’The stirring speech is thought to have swayed wavering Labour MPs, helping the government to a majority much higher than the predicted 100.The Lib Dems and DUP backed the airstrikes, while the Scottish National Party claimed the government hadnot made the case for war.The Prime Minister, who was thought to have shelved plans for a vote just a few weeks ago, wrote on Twitter: ‘I believe the House has taken the right decision to keep the UK safe – military action in Syria as one part of a broader strategy.’


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