CLONING HUMANS?HELL TO THE NO.The world’s largest cloning factory could one day clone HUMANS: Scientist claims technology is ready but public opinion isn’t

The Chinese scientist behind the world’s largest cloning factory has said that replicating humans is alreadypossible, but he is only holding off doing so for fear of the public reaction.Xu Xiaochun, head of Boyalife Group, said his firm is already working to improve the cloning of primates in order to better test the animals for diseases.And he added it is just ‘a short biological step’ from monkeys to humans.


‘The technology is already there,’ Xu told AFP. ‘If this is allowed, I don’t think there are other companies better than Boyalife that make better technology.’The firm is not currently carrying out human cloning activities, Xu stressed, to avoid possible adverse reaction.But, he continued, ‘social values can change’, citing changing views of homosexuality. He added that, in time, humans could also have more choices about their own reproduction.


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