RHOBH returns: Yolanda Foster hints at marriage woes as she discusses David’s absence…while co-stars criticize her appearance and suggest she’s faking Lyme disease

Things are dire for Yolanda Foster, who announced her split from her husband of four years today.The Dutch-born beauty, 51, was struck with neurological Lyme disease three years ago and has struggled with health issues ever since.On Tuesday’s season premiere of The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills the former model confessed to feeling suicidal.



‘I’ve been staying in the condo for the last nine months,’ she said.‘A small environment with four walls is about all I can handle right now,’ added Yolanda, who has now split from her husband, the famed music producer David Foster, 66.‘I look quite normal and yet I am so sick, I have weakness in my legs, no brain function, I mean I haven’t driven a car in three years,’ she said.Amid Yolanda’s despair David appeared to be mostly absent.
‘He’s so busy,’ she sighed.‘He travels for work…that’s who he is…that shouldn’t change just because I’m sick,’ she said with a goodnatured smile.Over the years Yolanda has tried many therapies for the destructive disease.


‘I’ve done stem cells, I’ve done ozone treatment, I’ve done holistic antibiotics, I’ve been to many different places where people are open to treatments that are not accepted or approved by the FDA here in America, it’s been like trying to uncover a murder mystery,’ she said.Yolanda’s friend Angie, Cody Simpson’s mother, came to visit her in her home.‘If it wasn’t for my kids I would have jumped off the balcony already you know?’ she sobbed to Angie.
Tearfully Yolanda talked to her daughter Gigi, a top model, via video chat.‘She just loves what she does,’ said the TV star, who used to me a top Ford model.‘I missed Gigi’s Tom Ford fashion show…I’m missing so many things,’ she lamented.


‘Trying to get out of bed every day for my kids, I know they need me, I just can’t participate, my body is not strong enough,’ he cried.‘I feel like my body does not belong to me anymore,’ she wept.Yolanda gathered the strength to pop in to Lisa Rina’s birthday party.
Instead of offering compassion Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump were fixated on Yolanda’s lack of facemake-up.‘Not a scrap…that’s borderline shocking,’ said Kyle, 46, in a vulgar display of petty-mindedness.‘She does not look good at all, not even a bit of under eye… maybe she could just take ten seconds to do that,’ griped an unsympathetic Lisa Vanderpump, 55.The show, the season premier, had opened with Lisa Vanderpump greeting A.J Ellis, catcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers.‘Oh, he is quite cute,’ cooed the British restauranteur.Lisa was set to throw the first pitch for the LGBT game for the team.


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