She went from ‘material girl’ to ‘Queen of pop’.Today I would be counting down her top 10 moments.

10.21st century relevance (2000 – present):Madonnas continously re-invention efforts have kept her in the public eye for years but with the new millenium she has been making us scratch our heads with some of her antics which have included drug references,baring her nipple,using Nazi imagery and wearing Muslim inspired attire to make political statements.Is she too old for this?Time will tell.

9.Super Bowl XLVI Halftime show (2012):Madonna broke multiple records at Super bowl XLVI.Her performance rating bested the game itself with 114 million people tunning in.She became twitter most talked about topic ever.The performance was a spectacle for the senses.

8.The confessions tour (2006):She performed live to tell while draped on a life size cross while wearing a crown of thorns .Well religious folks weren’t  happy about it.Critics praised the tour and it became the highest grossing tour by a female artist ever.

7.Acting (1979- present): One word for you”EVITA”.

6.Late show with David Letterman  (1994):Madonna caused so many controversies with her early ninetys project but in 1994 she proved to the World that she wasn’t  finished.She used all kinds of vulgar languages during that appearance.Made so many sex talk and drug references.Oh,lest I forget she also removed her underwear on live TV. People still watched though.

5.Sexymusic,Books,Movies and shows (92-93):Well she unveiled all of her sexual fantasies through this project.First came Erotica which dealt with S&M then there was the girly show world tour.

4.Blond Ambition world tour (1990):It was the first tour by a female artist to really break boundaries.She continued testing religious and sexual boundaries with this tour.Church folks were not happy after she simulated the act of self pleasure with 2 male dancers.Even Pope John Paul II got involved.

3.Music Video controversy (1989-present):Remember the video for ‘justify my love’?or ‘what it feels like for a girl’ or ‘American life’.Mtv even banned them.

2.Pepsi endorsement and Like a prayer (89):Like a prayer remains my No 1 Madonna song.Everything seemed okay when Pepsi used it for one of the commercials but when the video which featured burning cross and love making to a saint came out,it was severely blasted with blasphemy charges by the Vatican and evangelicals forcing Pepsi to back out of the 5 million dollar deal.It didn’t matter the song topped all the charts and Madonna kept the cash.

1.Mtv VMAs (1984 &2003):She performed like a virgin in a wedding dress and atop a giant cake.It was very sexual.Almost two decades later in 2003 she topped the performance by locking lips with Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera.


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