Planned Parenthood suspect accused of killing three makes first court appearance as his ex-wife reveals he was an ‘extremely evangelical Christian obsessed with the world coming to an end’


The man accused of killing three people and injuring 12 during a gun attack on a Planned Parenthood clinic made his first court appearance on Monday as it was revealed his ex-wife once claimed he considered himself a Christian and was obsessed with the world coming to an end.Robert Lewis Dear, 57, was arrested on Friday after the rampage in Colorado Springs which left university police officer Garret Swasey, Iraq war veteran Ke’Arre M Stewart, and mother-of-two Jennifer Markovsky dead.Appearing via video link, Dear stood alongside his public defender Dan King, who is also one of the attorneys for Aurora movie theater shooter James Holmes.The hearing lasted just over 10 minutes. Dear was read the charges he is being held on, including first degree murder, and was asked by Fourth Judicial District Chief Judge Gilbert Martinez if he understood them.


He made three statements in response to Martinez’s questions: ‘Yes,’ ‘Yes,’ and ‘No questions,’The Denver Postreported.The judge held him without bond, and he is set to appear back in court on December 13.After the hearing, District Attorney Dan May said he couldn’t say whether he would be seeking the death penalty for Dear. He has 63 days from the arraignment to decide whether to go for capital punishment.Colorado Springs police have declined to disclose any information on the motive for the attack, and on Monday a judge has ordered the sealing of investigatory court documents at the request of prosecutors.Dear is believed to have lived a troubled, isolated life in the Carolinas and Colorado, but acquaintances saidhe never hinted that he would target the organization.He has been described by acquaintances as a reclusive loner who didn’t seem to have strong political or social opinions.But Dear’s second wife, Barbara Mescher, said in divorce papers that he claimed to be a Christian and said he was ‘extremely evangelistic’.’He says that as long as he believes he will be saved, he can do whatever he pleases,’ Mescher wrote in the papers filed in 1993 and obtained byThe Post and Courier.’He is obsessed with the world coming to an end.’Mescher also claimed in the papers that Dear was physically and emotionally abusive, writing that he once beat her head on the floor and threw her around the room by her hair during a fight.She wrote that she ‘lived in fear and dread of his emotional and physical abuse’ and said he had abused his first wife as well.Dear was charged with rape in 1992 by a woman who said he held a knife to her throat and raped her in herliving room and bedroom after he attacked her while she was taking out the trash.It was not immediately clear how the case was resolved, but no disposition on Dear’s official criminal record may indicate the charge was later dismissed.


Neighbors who live near Dear’s former South Carolina home say he hid food in the woods and lived by selling prints of his uncle’s paintings of Southern plantations and the Masters golf tournament.After he moved to Colorado, he once gave a neighbor pamphlets opposing President Barack Obama.’He didn’t talk about them or anything. He just said, ‘Look them over when you get a chance,” Zigmond Postsaid.A law enforcement official said Dear told authorities ‘no more baby parts’ after being arrested, part of a rambling statement that investigators were parsing to understand the reasoning.The official said the ‘no more baby parts’ comment was among a number of statements Dear made to authorities after his arrest, making it difficult to know his specific motivation.The law enforcement official spoke on condition of anonymity because the official was not allowed to publicly discuss the ongoing investigation.


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