Winter weather continues buffeting Midwest as up to a foot of snow expected in northern states and at least 13 die from icy roads during Thanksgiving travel

Large swaths of the Midwest are expected to break out of recent freezing temperatures on Sunday, though more cold weather snow are expected to hit many states during the week.At least 13 people have died from winter weather conditions in Winter Storm Cara, which brought snow, ice or freezing rain to a stripe of middle America stretching from Texas up the Great Plains.The northern Great Plains will see its share wintry precipitation this week, as another storm makes its way from the Rocky Mountains eastwards across the country.


The Weather Channelsaid that Cara has been responsible for a number of deaths because of icy roads, including six in Kansas, four in Missouri and three in Texas.Hundreds more car accidents were reported throughout the Midwest as different weather systems closed roads and caused traffic problems from California through the interior.More than 100,000 people in Oklahoma were without power last week, and the Oklahoma Gas & Electric website said that 70,000 customers were affected as of Sunday around noon.Snow showers are expected to be seen in Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, the Dakotas, Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin by Tuesday.The area of northern Iowa and southern Minnesota is expected to be hit the hardest, with some parts receiving up to a foot of the fluffy white stuff.


The area of northern Iowa and southern Minnesota is expected to be hit the hardest, with some parts receiving up to a foot of the fluffy white stuff.Beyond snow, forecasters atAccuweatheralso warned that areas of Kansas, Nebraska and Iowa could see up to a quarter inch of ice accumulate on some roads as travellers come home from celebrating Thanksgiving.By the time the storm reaches Great Lakes cities such as Chicago and Detroit in route to Canada, the storm is expected to bring mostly rain, though snow is possible.Heavy rain is also expected for areas of Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas, which has seen up to nine inches in some parts and continues to see flash flood watches in much of the state as up to two more inches are expected Sunday.The flooding is believed to have killed three people in Texas swept away by the surging water.The rain could also dump up more than an inch on Tennessee, Kentucky and the western parts of Virginia and North Carolina as it moves eastward.



The East Coast will see a slight dip in temperature on Monday after a warm Thanksgiving, though temperatures will again rise above average in many places and any precipitation will be rain.The northeastern US, as well as the northern half of the country in general, are expected to continue seeing warmer than normal through December.The strongest El Niño effects in decades are expected to keep the beginning of winter mild for many, though the South will likely see cooler than average temperatures.California and the West Coast are expected to see more storms than usual, though relief about receiving themuch-needed precipitation is tempered with worries about mudslides.


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