Is this the best – or cruellest – way anyone has ever been dumped? Man fools his ‘cheating’ girlfriend into thinking he’s about to propose… only to reveal what he thinks she’s been up to behind his back

This is the moment a man got revenge on his ‘cheating’ girlfriend by carrying out an elaborate spoof marriage proposal.
The boyfriend planned the expose after apparently discovering on Halloween that his girlfriend had been seeing someone else romantically.
The man, who is not named, has a Haribo ring and four handwritten letters ready to convince her it is a real proposal.


But he instead plans to confront her about another man, who he claims she has been messaging behind his back.
The 16-minute video starts as she arrives home around 1.30pm on November 19.As she makes her way up the stairs, which are covered in glitter and lined with candles, she appears visibly moved.
She sits on the bed before the man gives her letter marked ‘number one’.
The girlfriend, dressed in jeans and a pink jumper, can be seen tentatively reading the letter, which appears to be very complimentary, and occasionally wiping her face.
The boyfriend then reappears with a glass of water and begins to read out a romantic poem, which starts: ‘Tomororw night you and I will take a flight, we will float around the Northern Lights, watching the colours shine so bright.’
The girlfriend, who happily donned reindeer antlers for the film, continues to sob as she turns over a pink heart and reads the emotional message on its front.She can be heard repeating the note, which says: ‘When owls fly and tweet tweet twoo, this is the big question I’m asking you.’
She looks at the camera before opening the pink piece of paper, clearly expecting it to ask: ‘Will you marry me?’
But instead, she is confronted with the question: ‘Who the f*** is [this man]?’
The girl looks absolutely mortified as the boyfriend escapes while Roxette’s It Must Have Been Love plays in the background.
The clip ends as he drives away and states: ‘And that is how you dump somebody. Busted.’


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